Our Facility


Our  Facility

Our all-new facility is precision engineered to produce pet treats to FDA food safety standards, far beyond what is required for pet products. Key areas of operation include:

    • Incoming material preparation areas
    • Natural smokehouse cooking areas and traditional meat processing lines
    • Fully automated, high-tech packaging system handling a variety of preformed bags

Stringent operating procedures

We employ a science-based program, utilizing best food processing practices.

    • HACCP plan is integral to maintaining high, food-grade standards
    • Daily process-wide cleaning and sanitation programs
    • Biosecurity and food safety programs
    • Authorization levels control entry into each plant section
    • Product flow designed to eliminate cross-contamination of finished products with foreign or raw materials


    • ERP system controls and tracks day-to-day movement of all materials
    • Ingredients and raw materials traceable by lot number, manufacturer, time, date, location
    • Operations and QA monitoring allow independent verification of product quality
    • Vendor validation audits to ensure raw material suppliers are food-safe and GMP-compliant