Non-Meat Treats

Non-Meat  Treats


Wholesome, healthy pet products such as fruit, grain and veggie-based snacks are steadily growing in popularity, so they could play a big role in your branded portfolio. Our on-staff nutritionist will collaborate closely with your team to create a line of non-meat treats, portioned in bars or bites, that is truly one of a kind. Bulking agents such as grain flour can be added to meet your value objectives. Functional ingredient formulations are also available.

Soft and chewy to hard and crunchy

Packaging Options
Preformed bag and fill, 2 to 16 ounces • Bag width 6” to 12”,
lengths 8” to 18” • Gas modified fill options available

Protein Types
Fruits, grains, vegetables, flours, dried starches, nuts, seeds