Our Company

Our  Company


Our History

Big Creek Foods is a family-owned and operated company founded by Jeff and Tommy Gay in 2013. But their pet food ingredient and processing experience extends much further back. Both Jeff and Tommy grew up in the catfish and poultry processing industries, providing value-added ingredients to pet food manufacturers. They also grew up in the constant company of family pets. Today, Big Creek Foods has assembled a skilled management team with over 25 years of knowledge in manufacturing food grade products and ingredients for companion animal diets.


Our Mission

At Big Creek Foods, we strive daily to provide innovative, premium pet treats that are made from only the finest ingredients and produced under strict FDA human food safety guidelines in the industry’s most modern plant.


Our Commitment

We are committed to establishing a world-class reputation as an exceptionally well-run, highly ethical company that provides pet parents with the highest quality, safest food and treats.