Food Safety

Every step of our production process takes place in our U.S.A. owned and operated facility in Gainesville, GA. All raw materials that we source are hand selected from a limited list of approved suppliers, to ensure that every product starts with only the best quality.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities, both for dehydration as well as for semi moist production, allow our products to move through the production process at the highest level of safety standards.

Our packaging systems allow us to customize the size and style of retail bags you prefer.

Our innovation lab allows us to test and improve your formulas on an ongoing basis.

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Our science-based program and approach incorporates the best practices from the human food industry.

  • Ingredients and raw materials used can be traced back to the exact lot number, manufacturer, time, date, and location
  • Production flow is designed to eliminate cross-contamination of raw materials to any finished product
  • ERP system controls and tracks the movement of all materials throughout the plant
  • Operations and Quality Assurance teams are constantly monitoring and conducting independent verification of product quality
  • All products are tested for salmonella before release
  • Our vendors undergo a validation audit to ensure suppliers are in compliance with safe and proper manufacturing practices
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Our certifications and standards include: