Our Products

Big Creek Foods has the ability to create custom formulations of dehydrated meat snacks, semi moist treats and supplements for your brand, using a variety of high-quality ingredients. By partnering with us, you can rest assured knowing your customers are receiving only top-notch, delicious treats for their pets.

Our treats can include a protein source of chicken, beef, salmon, venison, duck, turkey, etc.
Proteins can be combined in a number of ways with grains, grain free products (f.e. sweet potato, flax seed, peas), fresh ingredients (f.e. apple, carrot, cranberry) and specific ingredients (f.e. amino acids, vitamins, minerals).
Our treats can be crafted in a variety of forms, including Jerky Strips, Tenders, Bites, Nuggets, Sticks, Bars, Bones, Rolls, etc. We also have the capability to produce unique and specialty items to best fit your needs.